This is a user-friendly telemedicine application that lets you have improved distanced health care services. Telemedicine is useful in circumstances where the patient cannot attend a hospital healthcare facility

Deedmed can be used for chronic health conditions, consultations, and follow-up visits. The diseases like cerebral pain, sore throat, back agony, stomach conditions like normal health issues can be diagnosed well with Deedmed app. Additionally, you can have services like Inquiries about different clinical issues for home medicines, Post-treatment check-ins or catch up for interminable consideration, Faster reorder of transient clinical medicines, Holidays, ends of the week, late-night, or whatever other circumstance when normal clinical consideration is absurd, and Patient failure to go out because of affliction or awful climate conditions.

You can save time, reach many patients, increase your revenue; billing and payments can be more straightforward using efficient payment gateway systems, Better patient outcomes, maintaining work-life balance, Cost-saving on building infrastructure, avoidance of exposure to pathogens, etc.

Easily download our mobile application from Google Playstore or App store. Proceed to the sign-in page and fill in the necessary information. Once you have completed signing in, you can easily find a doctor or a physician. Make an appointment with the doctor and take the required advice. Finally, download the prescription and submit it to one of our registered pharmacists.

The qualification and the specialized areas are noted on their profile could select according to your service requirement.

The appointments need to be made at least half an hour before it’s time.

The service provider is responsible for this. If you reach Deedmed team, we can check with the situation but can’t give a solution immediately if the situation is complex. But, we can assist with our best effort to complete your requirement.

No, but the doctor will provide a lab test request letter if it is necessary. Deedmed doesn’t have any integration with any labs at the moment.

You can search for his/her username or SLMC number. Ask your doctor for it.

Normally, it will be available till your date unless you cancel the appointment.

We provide islandwide healthcare services. Experience the freedom of health anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Yes, Deedmed is a web-based mobile application. So, you can log on to and join with us. But, you will need access to the Internet, a webcam and a microphone to access all of our features.

We don’t validate the experience. It will be available in the profile as per the doctor’s statement. But we will validate the doctor’s legal registration in Sri Lanka.

We are operating 24*7 providing up-to-date healthcare services.

Yes, the respective doctor will give a referral letter.

Mainly, this category includes health conditions that cannot be dispensed without a physical examination. And also, the health issues which needs immediate treatments to the patients cannot be treated through Deedmed. Once a doctor appointed here understands your situation, he will recommend you visit a doctor or a hospital.

An android or apple smartphone with access to the Internet.

The prescription is valid till 1 month from issuing date. Then it expires! To renew the prescription you need to make another appointment with the doctor.

Yes, you will definitely have the necessary facilities to do it.

Yes, our pharmacists offer islandwide delivery service. As soon as you handover the prescription, they will depature the medicine, and you will receive them within their mentioned time.

If you live abroad and any of your close ones living in Sri Lanka have health conditions, you can get the most effective treatments to them through the Guardian profile. You can create a guardian profile and add a maximum of 3 patients for free and you will be charged for additional patients. The guardian can schedule appointments for those patients and refer them to physicians. Also, their prescriptions can be received by the guardian. The guardian profile can make payments for the relevant services you get

Yes, you can create a Deedmed guardian profile to be a caregiver to your loved ones. A guardian profile can add the patients and allow you to direct them to doctors, receive prescriptions, make payments, receive the medical reports and future updates.

Yes, of course. You can refer to our privacy policy and terms and condition pages to get a better understanding

We are currently under development. Our application will be available as soon as possible.

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